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Thanks to the support of our donors, raffle ticket purchasers, and show attendees, we've saved up enough money for our third Dreamtime Circus tour. This will be more of a "mini-tour" compared to our six month journey in India and three month travels in Peru, but we plan to pack in as much circus mayhem in two weeks as we possibly can! We'll offer free shows and circus workshops to Navajo and Hopi communities in Northern Arizona, a circus camp for under-served youth in Albuquerque, folks in small town Texas, autistic kids in Austin, and families in the 9th ward of New Orleans. We depart on May 29th, 2013 and plan to post photos and video from the road on our Tour Blog as well as our Facebook page.

Dreamtime selected to perform in The Great Circle at Burning Man 2012

Photo by Elena Kulikova

For the sixth consecutive year, Dreamtime Circus will be performing in The Great Circle at the Burning Man Festival later this month. Each year there is more and more competition to be one of the 28 fire troupes selected to perform around the man at the crescendo of the week long festival, moments before the wooden effigy is set alight. But each year our video submission has grown stronger, thereby allowing us to hold our position as new groups from around the country apply for a spot in the circle.

Congratulations to the 26 fire performers, 5 musicians, 8 safety & support crew members, and our photographer and videographer for making this happen. It's a great honor and opportunity to participate in what is, perhaps, the grandest of all fire shows on the planet!

A Gift From Hungary

Dreamtime Circus would like to thank, one of the world's finest makers of fire performance tools, for donating a wide array of their specialty tools for us to use in our circus performances and tours. Support like this allows us to continue creating cutting edge fire performance while focussing our limited financial resources on community outreach. Thank you Gora!

A video introduction to Living Dream Arts

Dreamtime Circus and VAGABOOM! merged to create Living Dream Arts, one organization with a shared mission to bring interactive art programs and performances to under-served communities in the Bay Area and around the world. This video introduces Living Dream Arts by weaving together breathtaking clips from Dreamtime Circus tours in India and Peru with jaw-dropping footage of performances in the Bay Area and heartwarming moments from VAGABOOM's after-school art programs.


We've sorted through thousands of photos from the Dreamtime Peruvian Tour to bring you the best. Click here.


We've added a special Dreamtime blog to the website. You can find it in the main navigation or click here. Here are also some links to the blogs of Dreamtime Circus members in Peru.

the dervish and the dance : Sophia
More blogs comming soon!


Ksea Flux interviews Dreamtime co-founder Chris Dunn. Click here for the article and interview audio.


In the schools and streets of Lima, orphanages in Cuzco, and jungle villages accessible only by boat, a circus is coming to town! That’s right, the Dreamtime Circus sets sail on its 2nd international tour, this time bringing the magic of the circus to Peru where Dreamtime volunteers will put on free shows and circus workshops for communities throughout the country. Dreamtime will be collaborating with several nonprofit organizations, schools, and orphanages who have greeted news of the tour with enthusiasm and are eager to host the circus in their community.

KFire, co- founder of the troupe, explained how this project will differ from Dreamtime's first tour. "In India we did shows for thousands of people from dozens of communities and we got to see a lot of the country. That was great, but for our second tour we want to spend more quality time in fewer places. We want to get to know the communities we visit and teach kids circus arts over the course of a few weeks, not just a few hours. Then we can let the kids be the stars of the show that we put on together for their family and friends!"

The tour will focus on reaching underserved communities throughout Peru. By providing free shows and workshops, Dreamtime aims to create events that bring communities together, support the work of local organizations, and empower youth to achieve things they once considered impossible. The tour will also promote positive themes of hope, self-empowerment, and respect for the Earth and all its creatures.

From now until the start of the tour in March 2010, Dreamtime will perform and host events in the Bay Area to raise funds for the tour. You can find out details about these events as they happen by subscribing to our Email List. You can also support the tour by making a tax-deductible donation here.


It’s official, the Dreamtime Circus and Bay Area based arts education organization, VAGABOOM!, have merged to create a new 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization called Living Dream Arts. The new organization will umbrella programs that bring arts education and performance art to underserved communities both locally and globally. The two organizations will operate independently while Living Dream Arts awaits its non profit determination from the IRS, but they expect the new organization to be up and running by the beginning of 2010.

"We make a great team," Dreamtime co-founder Chris Dunn said, "they've been doing fantastic work with after school arts programs in San Francisco and want to reach out to communities in other countries, while we've got international experience and returned to the Bay Area with a desire to bring our circus programs to local communities. The two organizations really compliment each other."

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